Again, but better!

I have not read the highly anticipated (or so Pinterest has assured me) novel by the same title yet but just the summary creates an expectation. Maybe that’s because I can resonate with the experience. Doing something and not having it go your way then wanting to make it better. We all live in a world where we are desperate for second chances, a time to start over. I find myself constantly around this wish.

Let’s get this out of the way, this is not my first attempt at blogging but am hoping, really hoping (and maybe someone can tell me where passion, discipline and creativity die so that I don’t kick the bucket around there this time) that this will be the charm. I had planned to give myself a lot of time off from such writing, felt the overwhelming pressure was killing what should be a hobby.

But I have long learnt that our plans are far off from the reality (and you can never fully outrun something you love doing or so has been my experience) Also, because I have had this idea and the blog name going round in my head, giving me no peace till this is out there. Here, now. I wonder is this how everyone starts out? Or its just me?

Is there purpose to my writing? Is it purpose that backs up endurance? It is my aim to make that true. I can hardly boast of extensive living but I know a little about living… And surviving which I think is what I am mostly doing and I guess that’s enough for me to start. You start right where you are at, right? And there is truth to the fact that the conditions will never ever be perfect. If you are looking for excuses, you’ll find them. Trust in my experience for I have found many.

But this blog, these afterthoughts, will document a whole lot that happens in my head. Maybe create a little peace in there if all the chaos is appearing in written form. This is also to inspire consistency for my writing, a place where I will have to show up for myself (so I’m in the process of reinvention, whatever that means to you, and I dared myself to show up a little more for me). I am tired of having a track record of starting things and not seeing them through. And you already know this might be true because it is not the first time I am doing this.

So here’s to getting knocked off and having the courage to start over anyway. Again, but better.

4 thoughts on “Again, but better!

  1. I think everything you said rings true for most of us that blog. It’s hills and valleys all the time, should I or shouldn’t I kind of thing. I am pretty brave of a started, not afraid to fail but just jump into it and if I don’t like it then I can quit, no one will be hurt. Had no clue to all of this blogging world but felt the need to express, just as you say, things in my head. It was just like journaling somewhat except others might read what I wrote. So, I was surprises when some did read my site…and were kind and that was like honey to my soul. Being heard is one of my desires, to bring joy to others is a desire, to gleam wisdom is my prayer and I could do all three in blogging. We lived in Papua New Guinea when I started and I had lots to write about since it was a time of learning a new culture and language so outside my own. That was 2004 and I am totally surprise I still am blogging. I don’t sweat being like anyone else anymore, I am what I am by the grace of God. Blogging every day as some do is too much for me…our life is too busy. I love seek wisdom everyday from reading others most everyday. And when I find one that stirs my heart I go back again and again which is why I am back to yours. Two thought to write on popped in my head as I read your post…thanks.

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    1. I am so glad that you keep coming back to this writing. I can’t stress that enough. Or how encouraging it is to have your input on all this. And I also didn’t know all that happens behind the scenes with blogging. As you probably know I just wanted this for accountability of my writing. I like that with that plan/motive, I have been able to get something out every week. I know sometimes it’s just to tick off the week but I’m hoping to get more serious with it. I don’t think I could blog daily either. At least not yet. But I like the building pace so who knows where all that will eventually lead?
      Thank you for reading and commenting.


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