Don’t you see its potential?

Potential! Doesn’t this word remind you of Lou in ‘Me before You’ the movie, when she asks Will to not say potential and he still goes ahead to say so.

Are you dreading that word internally because there are more than 350 days ahead of you and nothing is set in stone yet. So many days to break you down or uplift you. And the fact that everyone keeps repeating the potential of the year just heaps unnecessary pressure on your set plans.

But there is potential. The year is young and the course of life will show you that’s when ‘potential’ works best because life, like potential, requires growth. Growth usually necessitates that something is moldable, not set in its way afterall there must be some truth to the saying ‘You can’t teach old dogs new tricks’.

When you ask people why they usually hold on to things, even when they yield low returns, they’ll probably cite how they see potential (surely you can see the theme in the overuse of the word) and it just takes a little more effort to get it to what they want – relationships gone astray, rebellious brilliant students, slow-start food farm, breaking out with your own business and so many other examples.

With our hearts on the line in these areas, we cling to potential – a vision we’ve seen for ourselves that feeds our hope. And without hope what are we truly!!?

Now, do you not see the potential of the year?

This year my theme is ‘rooted’. (Instead of resolutions, I center my years around themes. You can read that in The different shades of commitment)

What am I getting rooted in, you may ask. Well, in as many things as there are aspects to life. But my main focus is in an identity that doesn’t crumble like sand, also skimmed over it in When in doubt. To find some grounding answers and stick to them.

With this goal in mind, the idea of so many days ahead is both exciting and terrifying. Because I’ve learnt the days are long but the years are short, so short they just seem to fly by. But while 2020 is here, I hope we’ll do it justice and show up everyday, ready to tap into its potential.

Happy new year🤗!!!

All pictures used from Unsplash