Beauty from ashes

When you view the story from the perspective of Good Friday, all you see are the nails and the thorns, Jesus being abandoned by the people He had walked with closely and also by God – for that brief time on the cross. The bottom point being that the story was extremely grim. And it’s easy to point fingers at the disciples, asking where they ended up because we get their full story – in three days He rose again.

The season of Easter has it’s own wonderful attraction for believers. Aside from the food and family gatherings and the holiday (the Easter break though this one has been a little longer) although these are all wonderful extras. The attraction is the splendor and power of the resurrection.

We are not quick to remember that when we are walking through our own messes.

The gravity of that moment – where the sky falls dark before the sun is meant to set and it seems we have been abandoned by God and everyone else – hits us so hard in the mess. It’s hard to have the perspective of heaven. That perhaps God can make something out of the mess, something so beautiful that we also get to look back at the mess that was and call it beautiful.

This Easter has been unlike any other I’ve experienced yet in my seemingly short life.

Trying to capture the true joy the day brings when faced with the dire news of the pandemic. The figures keep turning and whenever you get a news update it seems to be getting worse before we can believe it is getting better.

Romans 8:28, well-quoted by most people, promises that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. It’s not an empty crutch to repeat and lean on and as you limp by in the suffering. It’s not a phrase to somehow lessen the suffering. Oh no, the pain and agony is as real as the cross, it’s curse and shame, the nails and the thorns.

But He rose triumphant from the grave. And this too is as real as the joy and comfort that start to trickle into your life slowly but surely. That He remains triumphant over all that we could ever experience remains true. And no words could be sufficient to grasp this truth for some of you. It’s a truth best experienced than reported.

That He triumphed over death begs us to ask and answer the question, is there anything too hard for Him to do then? No – there is none. Keep the faith. There is beauty coming out the ashes. Let the ruins come to life!

Pictures taken from Unsplash!

Happy Easter!!!! And feel free to share how this Easter has been for you.

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