Taking Inventory

Pardon the Monday Post in place of the usual Sunday one. Yesterday…well, yesterday😏 anyway

My brother says I can’t finish one of those adventure games in a few hours like the pros because I have to check every nook and cranny for items I may need or not need. Mostly not need. But it gives me some odd joy to be able to pull up my game inventory and see that I have thousands of things smiling at me, waiting for when they will become useful…even when they know they really won’t.

Perhaps I carry the same thinking into life, stocking up on things that I won’t need just for the joy of being able to say that I have them.

But just like the games, where an overload of useless things drains your energy and slows your progress (because you can’t run when you are overburdened and can’t pick up the things you actually need to complete missions), it’s important to take inventory of…things. So that you can focus on the real mission (thank you brother, now I can see what you mean)

Usually, this would be a post appropriate for the halfway mark but I wasn’t thinking about such then. Now I am, wondering how well I’ve redeemed all the free time I’ve had in this time and taking inventory of it. What had been eating up my time that I need to drop? What do I need to keep? What do I need to improve?

On Friday, as August was rolling in so strong and the realisation that this year is almost done flooded my senses, I wondered what I could authentically count from this year. So much as happened but the one thing I have truly had in excess is…Time. No rush to be anywhere but where I am or do anything other than what I want to.

All pictures taken from Unsplash!

And yet I looked back at it all and wasn’t exactly excited with how I have spent the time. Months upon months and ideas upon ideas (trust me, I have had plenty of ideas – like every week rolls around with something new for me to try my hand at) that I haven’t exactly stuck to.

But it’s not too late to start. In the games, you can drop every excess baggage right where you are and immediately get lighter. Or to pick up where I left off. Now with a better idea of what I need to carry on with and what to drop. It’s always enticing to be able to claim a thousand of skills (and if you can give them all the due diligence then more power to you) but you probably know that saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.

Maybe you don’t need to do everything in the world but just focus on the few you can do really well. Just my thinking!

With still a number of months to go on, it’s too early to call quits on the year. I hope you think so too and can work at redeeming the year with the few months left.

So, are you guys taking inventory too (doesn’t necessarily have to be over time)? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Taking Inventory

  1. Taking inventory of the things that really matter and travelling light have a lot going for them. Minimalism allows us to promote the things of greatest value to us and the discarding of things that distract us from the value in life.

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    1. Oh yes…must keep our eyes fixed on the prize rather than being tossed about by every wind and wave!!! The Minimalism reminds me of your post on the simple things. We get so lost when we ignore then beauty of life held within simplicity.
      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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    1. I definitely agree with no point regretting and wasting time. I think it’s time to quit licking our wounds (if any) and forge on ahead. There’s a lot to be done that can’t be properly achieved if we keep looking back.
      Thank you for reading and commenting!


  2. Resonance right here. It’s August woke me up as well🤦🏾‍♀️but there’s still time to revive those ideas💃🏽thank you for thee reminder.

    Inventory. Had a lot going on but did it mostly half heartedly. Going back to fix what I can. Steady progress so far😊

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    1. Hooray to steady progress. In this time I have become a firm believer in small great steps. It doesn’t have to be so grand. Just small consistent steps will do the job. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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