Just another day!

You woke up. At whatever time it was, and went through the day with the same subconscious that you’ve always used. Brush your teeth, make your bed. And all these actions that you’ve never thought twice about.

May we never lose our wonder.

But then, just because it’s not, it takes its own unique course. You have a conversation you never had before, you get a new idea, you learn something new. It’s not just another day even though you think it to be.

May we never lose our wonder.

And if you pay attention, you may notice the little details. That today’s tea was a little sweeter that usual, the sunset was more colourful and the grass was actually greener. Its not just another day.

Even when it dearly seems like it. It’s easy to lose the beauty and splendor of something in its monotony. There might not be large things to signify something new. But if you look openly enough, you find them. You find the joy in the little things.

And that alone is enough to mark the day. There’s that saying ‘live every day like it’s your last’ but what if we approached our daily living with the wonder of a first day. Seeing everything with new eyes.

14 thoughts on “Just another day!

  1. God never ceases to surprise me with His new mercies everyday. Living in a grateful state of mind for what He will bring each day opens us up to see the beauty of each day. When I am not focusing on Him for my day I miss so much. When we moved back to the states from Papua New Guinea to California I was depressed. The move was hard, our son was getting a divorce and my health was struggling. Three months went by without me see God all around me. One day as I sit outside I realized He had answered three long time prayers. I always wanted to live in the mountains, we we surrounded by them but I could not see them cause I had my eyes on poor Betty. I always wanted a place with a real fireplace…our condo had it, I had just not used it. Always wanted to live close to at least one of our two adult children and grandkids. Our newly divorced son was sharing a condo with us so he could have his kids more. I pray more now for open eyes to see each new day and as long as I stay connected to Him I see a new day. Blessings.

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    1. It must be amazing to see Him in hindsight. The present may be clouded with enough troubles. Thank you for sharing your answered prayers. It is encouraging to all who read it. And that is a lovely prayer, ‘open eyes’ to see what you normally wouldn’t, I just might pray the same for myself.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.

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      1. Just had to come back and share this. We have moved to northern Mn. where our daughter lives, very country. i have dreamed and ask God for a little place in the country, quiet, so I could write. 10 years ago God put it on my heart to write our story but I did not start obeying till Jan of 2017. After open heart surgery I knew I better get busy in due to my age and health. But we are still full time in ministry that requires much travel in the states. Due to the virus, some changes in our mission policy and our daughter and husband wanting to build us a little cabin like place on their property that dream and prayer is going to be true in a couple months. We are close to being done on the place, the people came today and set the bathroom shower and then the gas people came with a large propane tank for our heating and cooking. He ALWAY works on our behalf to conform us into His image. Blessings.

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      2. Thank you for sharing this as well. We overcome by the word of our testimonies and I’m honoured to have you share a bit of yours on this platform. I think it’s great to write things done. Especially since we humans are prone to forget. It’s nice to walk back in time through the records and see how far you’ve come.


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