Outside my little bubble.

I took a long dip into the rabbit hole that is violence and torture. That is, I read about it. The story that led me down this deep dark path is simple.

I read of someone’s WhatsApp status update that they had finally read up on one of the world’s worst cases.

Naturally I was curious. ‘What is one of the world’s worst cases?’. And like a professional seller of information they gave me just enough to whet my curiosity. Unable to live with not knowing, I looked it up. (Hooray for the internet). And was hit with the ugliness of humans. One of the pages I read, quoted something along the lines of ‘wait till you see what man can do to a fellow man‘.

And what I read shattered my little happy bubble.

Have you ever read a story that painted a picture so graphic, so sad, so brutal, your hands shook as you read (maybe with rage, maybe with disbelief), your eyes wanted to shut but you wanted to know how the story ends and you just felt chills all over? It was one of these kinds of stories (I won’t share the details here – they are not the kind you want to talk over. But if you are overly curious, like I was, you can search the most tortured person in history)

But I couldn’t shake the image!

Couldn’t shake the shock that such people exist. That their lack of compassion was a defect and they were an anomaly in life. Who wouldn’t think that. When the justice metted out seemed so insignificant compared to the pain caused. Which they were not even apologetic over.

And I despaired over that. Thinking over and over, what’s the purpose of life, what guarantee do we have of safety, where is God in that mess, why can’t there be a wrap up on humans and we get out of this? Of course the person who captioned this case put it in perspective. A bit. Questioned who would dare think there is no devil when men can be driven to such extremes.

So in my search for answers, trying to see if we have had such cases in the recent past, I looked up serial killers (my Google history looks like a prep for Murder 101), starting with Jack the Ripper and then having the list which also led me to a few stories of the unrest in the DRC. I wanted to know what such people think. Truly. Especially when they would never want the same treatment inflicted upon them.

I would call my upbringing pretty sheltered without being prohibitive. Either that, or I was so closely tied to my mother’s strings to want to stray far enough. But sheltered enough that I’d be at wit’s end to find that some people’s opinions differed from mine. Or that some people can justify the wrong things so vocally, so shamelessly.

What goes on outside your window will truly shock you. (And unfortunately for some, it is what goes on in their homes that does the shocking).

Because constant exposure dulls the senses, I was starting to see violence as commonplace, as the norm in this world that is so unhappy. Every news outlet seemed to be exposing more of the vileness that lives among us. But I didn’t want that. All my thoughts were taking on a negative trend, echoing ‘everything is meaningless’.

All pictures taken from Unsplash!

But sometimes, what goes on outside your window will bring a smile.

To change that, I purposely looked for the good. And I was pleased when all my searches yielded people going out of their way to be kind, to be good, to bless someone else with no tangible reward at hand, to rally groups to help. Brought the verse ‘Seek and you will find’ to mind. Maybe good deeds are not trending on newsfeeds. That doesn’t mean they are not there!

But the pain people suffer, silently most of the time, shook me up a little. Made me want to help, in even the smallest way possible. I found that you can write a letter to human trafficking survivors using this link. It may not seem like much but it goes a long way. And if you can spread a little joy, let nothing stand in the way of that!

And just like that August has come to an end as well. In the hopes of continuing the light tone, please share in the comments one of the best things that happened to you this month…or in the year so far. It is comforting to know that light shines even in the darkness.

Till next time then!

11 thoughts on “Outside my little bubble.

  1. Thank you for sharing that link- the least we can do is write to the survivors. I remember reading A Child Called It and being horrified by what people go through on a daily basis that we sometimes forget is happening all around us.

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    1. I also thought it a lovely idea that most of us can easily engage in. It’s true it’s easy to get wrapped up in our day to day living and forget that there is someone who would benefit greatly from something that to us wouldn’t cost us much. I hope that we will continue through life with our eyes more alert to help when we are in position to.
      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

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  2. Growing up in an abusive home I was far from sheltered and sad to say it affected my opinion on men for years. I am still amazed at how God has helped me deal with the pain and heal through forgiveness of my Dad. Yet everything I experience is a piece of cake compared to some. I am totally a realist I think because of my upbringing. But if I am not careful what will happen is anger will build and build over the constant evil doings of men and women. This anger has to be taken to the Lord too for He does not want me to act upon it. I think God wants us to get a glimpse of the evil out there, first so we can protect ourselves and others and then to be a part of bringing some encouragement to those who have suffered, such as a sweet letter from you. God brings people to me occasionally that have suffered like I did as a child so I can tell them of the sweetness of Jesus in my life. He never waste a thing we have been through and I know for a fact there is life after abuse, because life is in Christ. Write you letter, pray for the one who will get it and watch God work. I will be praying for you as you do this for it is a step of faith. You heart will tell you what to say. You have blessed my heart by your desire to help some one.

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    1. Yes. It is disheartening to think that there is always more pain out there in the world than what you or I have gone through or even dared to imagine. In reading how you think God wants us to get a glimpse of the evil, I remembered a phrase from my high school days ‘Innocent but not ignorant’. As the light of the world, we are called to shine in these dark areas and it won’t do if we don’t know which areas those are. There are definitely the extremes that we should avoid – too aloof for any empathy or too consumed for any hope.
      There is life after abuse. And prayer goes an even longer way.Thank you for the reminder.
      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂


  3. I’m feeling exactly the same thing reading The Shock Doctrine, which is why it is taking me so long to finish the book. Definitely need to take breaks otherwise we just lose faith in Humanity.

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  4. A powerful piece and curious as I was I didn’t take the link. You’re right, there’s too much bad in the media and too little good. I was reminded of what the Bible suggests, “fill your minds with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honorable”. Even if you are not a Christian the advice is sound for the wellbeing of our own lives.

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    1. That is definitely a good verse to meditate on in light of the negativity around. It is sound advice. I applaud your self control in not clicking the link. But you’ve got all the information and are better off without that violence in your mind. Thank you for reading.

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