To write or not to write!

Is that even a question!

Yet, I find myself coming round to this question time and again. What do I write about? Should I even bother? Is this necessary? Does it portray all my honest thoughts? Who am I doing this for?

The best advice (okay, one of the best – because I keep hearing and reading well-sounding words) I’ve got so far is to know your why! Because your why centers you, anchors you against all the uncertainty you are most likely going to face in life.

I almost always knew I wanted to write; started when we got a huge desktop at home, when I was six and announced I was going to write a book (still working on that by the way). Fanned even more when the teachers loved my writing and saw some potential. Went through enough doubts (that I still sit with sometimes even today) and asked myself a bunch of questions during my early teen years. I guess everyone goes on their own self- searching journey around that time. The journals from that time are littered with statements like ‘Who am I?’ on one page and ‘I am a writer’ on another. Repeated over and over as the war within to affirm my identity raged.

Then it was silenced…somehow, a little, for a time, when I watched Chariots of Fire when I was 14.

My first clear memory of this movie (because my father claimed we had watched it before) was in high school, flagged by so many other girls who were watching, probably just for the sake of entertainment that was almost hard to come by in the boarding school. Maybe they got as much from it as I did.

But I sat crowded but alone, feeling as though I deeply understood the main character. Whatever he said about running, I could easily relate to my writing. Like when Eric says ‘God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.’ I felt that statement so strongly and also envied him his conviction of what he was on earth to do. I left the movie with a buzz, sure that I couldn’t run away from the desire to write and hoping that perhaps God would take pleasure in my writing.

Is that my why?! That I can write and so I do? Could it be that simple?

Well, that is a bit of my origin story (🤭). I would like to know yours to, how you knew that your passion was your passion, your drive, your pleasure. Feel free to share in the comments.

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15 thoughts on “To write or not to write!

  1. When I was younger, I wrote stories for fun. I was sure I wanted to be an author in future but after secondary school, my writing buzz died. Or maybe I was just too busy to try again. Plus, I didn’t think I was creative enough to tell stories anymore. Years later (this year) I decided to try out blogging and oh boy, it was like everything came rushing back. I remembered again why I always saw myself as a writer deep within , even when I hadn’t written anything for years. Writing just lets me escape from it all and gives me this sense of fulfilment I didn’t know I needed.

    Loved this post and how beautifully you write. 😊

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    1. I also have about three to four years of a writing dry spell. Don’t know how I convinced myself that it needed to take a backseat but I did and I couldn’t bring myself to type out anything. I think I lost a lot of good stories that were running round my head at that time.
      Glad you found your way back, Yinda. And I guess I can relate with how it is an escape. Write on! and I’ll be sure to check out your blog.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.


    1. It IS therapy!! I can’t mention how many times it has maintained my sanity. And your why is brilliant. All we ever truly have is our perspective till we open up to others – the whole give and take exchange.
      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  2. I am a person who has always considered themselves multi-gifted and multi-passionate because In whatever I set my mind out to do, I do it. This is surely a gift I am grateful for but the downside is that sometimes I feel pulled in many different directions at the same time. So I decided to just keep walking through all the doors that are opened to me whether I expected it or not.

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    1. Ooh Martha, that is absolutely a great attitude! To just jump in and use all available opportunities. I think it widens your perspective. Can’t say I can relate with being pulled in many directions but it is a gift in itself. To be able to try your hand at so many things!
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


  3. I’ve always been a writer, even as a child writing poems and stories and little notebooks and the notepad program on the computer. I love blogging because it keeps me in the continuous habit of writing.

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    1. It is amazing to be able to look back on your own journey and see all the things that affirm who you have always been. I also got into blogging for the consistent accountability. Thank you for reading and sharing a bit of your own journey.


  4. To write almost always guarantees those moments of questioning the why. Yayyyy you for sticking to your passion🤗💃🏽

    My origin story is somewhat similar to yours. As a child, I had the privilege of reading quite a number of books and the more I read, the more I wanted to write. My English compositions even throughout high school were brilliant 😊I just thought I’d keep giving it a try. Baby steps for sure, but writing is extremely fulfilling.

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    1. I guess there are always those signs along the way as we grow into our passions, like the teachers and great compositions and friends too. Baby steps for me as well but I enjoy it. I once heard someone describe their art (I think it was music) as an extension of themselves and honestly that’s how I mostly feel about my writing.
      Thank you for reading and commenting 😀

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  5. Just thought I’d drop by and give you a little nudge in completing that book! I too just found myself gravitating to writing, and I do write for a living. Had to go through a couple careers before I learned this was for me. Thanks for sharing your story by the way!

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    1. Thank you for the nudge. I’m definitely going to work on that. Been thinking of doing the whole Novel writing month in November and seeing where it leads.
      It’s wonderful you found your way to your passion and I’m sure it is a beautiful journey too because you ended up where you are meant to be.
      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂


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