Free verse.

I did mention that I had taken an online poetry course, right? But I probably didn’t mention that at the climax of that class I toyed with the idea of compiling my own anthology. Do you want to know what the title was going to be? Well here is another poem to usher us into a new month.

On that note – Happy November! I’m thinking of making a dent in that elusive novel this month – Novel writing month and all that. Or maybe I’ll come up with my own writing challenge for the month. Would you guys have any ideas? The general idea is simply to do a whole lot of writing. But for now, here is MISTAKEN IDENTITY. I hope you enjoy it.

Mistaken identity.
You remember a version of me that no longer exists
A me without the pain and the regrets
And subsequently without this growth and awareness
A me you try to project onto the one I’m becoming
Call out the scientists, I think we have an evolution class to teach.

You think I tell lies when I repeat the common phrase
‘I’m not who I used to be’
But you fell in love with that me so deeply you’ve failed to recognise the one before you now –
Broken, bruised, beat down, surviving!
Because the version of me you remember
Couldn’t dare take this, she’d have crumbled at this overdose of pain.

You see the same face and imagine the same behavioural pattern
You don’t know that the extreme change happens on the inside.
That I was cut wide open, and walked for a while with gushing wounds
I was patched up with experience, stitched together with understanding.
Till I became the one I’m becoming.

You call me by my past and I seek to educate you
That you keep calling out the wrong girl, she can’t answer.
She can’t answer because she is not here anymore
She came, paid her dues, served her time and made way for me
The one I’m becoming
So accept my invitation into the present.

You remember a version of me that no longer exists.
It pains me to see you mourn over her
For she was good and innocent and brought a smile to your face
For your sake I wish I could bring her back
But I hope the scientists explained, evolution is yet to find a way to turn back.

PS : How are you doing on your 2020 resolutions, now that there are roughly eight more weeks to close the chapter on this year?

9 thoughts on “Free verse.

    1. I’m glad you loved the poem, Wic. Yep, I have/had a plot for the novel. Thanks for asking. I was going for a dystopian, had something off a short story and I had the full picture in my head. But I think it’s getting plenty of gaps with all this time I spend not writing.


    1. If I do participate, this will be a first time doing NaNo. I think I just need a jump-start and with a number of people doing it, maybe I’ll find strength in numbers. Thank you too, I’ll do my best with the anthology. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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