The art of brevity

‘You gave me forever within a number of days’

Hazel Grace, The Fault in Our Stars.

I fall back on that truth whenever I’m cornered by the question of time and love. You know, those moments when you hear in disbelief, maybe not you but me, how in only days someone becomes your best friend, the person you can’t do without, the person you want to tell everything about you first. The person you are ready to promise forever to (I promise you I’m getting to the writing bit in a just a moment). But how time is dwarfed in such moments to a mere observer and not a dictator. All lovers in the house – kajambo

Bottom point, you don’t need to be too much to make an impact. (by all means, let this not dissuade your elaborate, over the top Valentines plans 😏)

I think the same is true even in writing.

We know those six word stories like the famous ‘For sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.’ You can give people a full story in a few words. Or even in one word. Like ‘Escaped.’ (I’m guessing at this, I’m clearly too wordy for my own good). It always shocks my verbose concept of story telling when I find great books under 120 pages. I see the number of pages and wonder at first ‘how well can you tell a full story in only those’. And yet somehow they do. Splendid, wholesome stories.

And beside you remember a particular line out of whole paragraphs. Emotion jerkers that stand out from the crowds of words you have on paper.

I understand the writing of a book is in itself a true act in brevity. (Unless the characters are dead, they could spin themselves a thousand ways. Insist on having every second of their lives narrated and we know from simply living our own lives that is akin to emptying the ocean). You want to get in just on the action and skip out before you lose your way in the never ending drama of ‘being’. Even when they are just figment of your imagination, it’s easy to feel like you haven’t done justice to a particular scene.

And you





Like I’m doing.

The idea is to pack so much in so little within those brief glimpses. I’ll let you in on the basics once I learn those for myself.

To emphasise brevity, I was to write only one sentence. Let the brevity do all the talking for me. But wordy me. I always get carried away. Anyway…,

She couldn’t reach him fast enough.

As corny as almost every love song you’ve been listening to all weekπŸ˜‚. If you ask me, it is a fitting post for love week.

If you don’t mind sharing, you could leave your own one line stories in the comments below. I would love reading them.

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