Sugar, spice and all other things nice…

These were the ingredients needed to make the PowerPuff Girls.

Does that take you back a little? To carefree childhood days before the world had to impress its ideas on us? Or to whatever time it was where powerpuff girls provided some more entertainment…

Because we will be celebrating International Women’s Day tomorrow, its certainly in order to drop a few thoughts on Sugar, Spice and all other things nice…

Which do include, but are in no way limited to; legos and dolls, trucks and princess carriages, overalls and ball gowns, ponytails and bald heads, makeup and makeup free faces, soft voices and husky tones, smooth fingers and calloused hands, office hours and stay-at-home opportunities, STEM books and video games, athletic inclinations and fashion divas, moody days and high moments, pleasant squeals and secret-not-so-secret crying sessions, doubts and confidence, conspiracies and rom-coms, late nights and early mornings, clinging fiercely to your independence or hoping desperately to find your person…

And everything in between.

DARLING FEMALE reading this, All of you is valid and is inherently beautiful. Your Maker says so and that’s more than enough.

What I most grateful for, as a girl-woman (still caught somewhere in between as I seem to be) is for the women who went before and threw out this idea people held of what a woman should be like and what a ‘woman’s place’ is. That there is no need for any genius born female to be lost anymore!!

My sister and I watched ‘Charité’, a show on the German Hospital during either the late 19th Century or early 20th Century and it was sad to see the reality they had to live through. Where you toned down your desires (the female lead wanted to be a doctor and was clearly more than capable) to fit the positions available. In one episode, she was caught sitting in in a lecture and once dismissed the doctor said ‘Women are more like children than they are like men.’ THE NERVE!! Am I right or am I right?

So I’m grateful that I’m born on this side of the movement, for the awakening and the space that can let me see how wrong that is and to justifiably be unhappy about it and then vent about it.

On a deeper level, it didn’t make sense that these men were making those breakthroughs in science and whatever they did but failed to open their eyes to what was directly before their eyes. Sure this is breeding ground to make arguments about the male privilege and how they didn’t want to part with it…but this is about the women. And how far we have come.

All Pictures taken from Pinterest

This is a post on your validation. In a world that is so intent on giving a single definition to what a woman should be.

Every different and awkward facet that makes you you.

Dear girl and woman, you will not fit in a singular box, because we are as varied and unique as our fingerprints. Like my sister and I, who do go about life like fire and ice. (She’s always taking tea while I fill up on ice cubes like candy). Different interests and dislikes and dreams and talents. (Like the one that always amuses me – she can’t imagine working from home and that is the definition of my dream job.) All valid, all feminine!

To demand for woman all the rights, all the possibilities of the human being in general does not mean one must be blind to her singular situation

The Second Sex.

Be you, unapologetically and unashamedly. So what if you haven’t seen it done before? So what if they will scoff and tell you girls don’t do it that way – bet they said it enough times before. And they’ve been proved wrong.

🥂Here’s to taking up our spaces in whatever form they come in. Here’s to celebrating the trailblazers that set us on this forward going course. Here’s to making way for those that will come before. Here’s to having affirming friendships and unwavering families in the middle of simply being.

It’s always nice to remember to remember how far one’s come to shape and inform where one will go. If you made it this far, feel free to share any of your female heroes in the comments below as we celebrate those who have gone before and inspire those coming after.

14 thoughts on “Sugar, spice and all other things nice…

  1. I don’t remember being into a certain avenue of things as a young girl. My home life was always in turmoil due to my Dad’s drinking that those thoughts about it over rode most things I did. We did play outside a lot, I read a lot, worked from the time I was 11. In all that, I don’t remember ever doubting I was a girl, or wanted to be anything other, enjoyed being a girl, still do, still do not want to be anything else. completely comfortable in my 74 skin. How much this post is needed in the world today, such confusion bouncing around for boys and girls to have to deal with. I am glad to not be a kids in this day and age, glad who I am is solid in me. Good post.

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    1. I also think the things merge together. I know growing up we all did the same things with myy brothers too. Built legos and used toy cars, rode bikes and climbed trees. It was a good upbringing that allowed us to be ourselves without boxing us in.
      I totally agree with you about not having to grow up with all the confusion around. Makes me hesitant to have kids because it all just looks so bleak. Gotta keep the faith though.
      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂


  2. Hope you don’t mind me using this space. I just want to thank you for the ‘like’s’ you’ve given me recently😎it is appreciated and helps me keep going.

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