Digital Detox!

Who is?

Well I am.

For about three weeks. Maybe more, hopefully less. But I do know that a digital detox is good every once in a while. I was off social media about this time last year too. And I thought maybe I will push it to the blog too.

Just to get my thoughts in order. (see if I can tame the wild beasts😏). To pause and recharge, to retreat and strategize… Yeah, whatever works for you.

Also, I do encourage this. Don’t be held back by the fear of missing out. It will all be here when you return. Don’t worry about filling the time. Ideas will crop up.

While I’m gone you can enjoy these quotes I got off Pinterest on the matter.

But I actually still have mine. Won’t be there for the next few weeks… But you get it.
πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Maybe.

Be back in a bit. Keep writing!!! and reading!

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