Advocacy: What they wish you knew

So…if you are all caught up with yesterday’s post, you sort of already know where this is heading.

I want to give perspective to what I’m trying to put across so thought I would share a blogpost from someone walking through it and give you a glimpse into their everyday reality.

The excerpt you are about to read is from the blog Contentment and Chaos (great name, right?). I have included only one paragraph and a link to the blog post so that you head over there (if you can, when you can) and read a little more on the struggle with infertility from the different posts there.

All I wish I could say, Jen has truly expressed better.

Without rambling on and losing the plot – here are the things they wish you knew about that struggle.

In a lot of ways, infertility is unexplainable. The whole thing is too complicated, too confusing, too personal. Your emotions are too dramatic, the whole thing too unrelatable. It’s like when people don’t laugh when you tell a funny story; for some things you had to be there. Infertility is the same way; to get the cruel joke you had to be there.

What Infertility is really like

9 thoughts on “Advocacy: What they wish you knew

  1. Thank you so much for adding this to your blog! I love your previous post on empathy as well. It’s so encouraging to hear that others not necessarily in the same situation are seeking to understand. You’ve challenged me to question the areas where I fall short in empathizing with others because I do not understand. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you for passing by, Jen. There was a hymn growing up I would hear on instruments of peace. The line there is to understand as we would be understood or something along those lines.
      I picked a whole lot from your blog – truly. I’m glad you could pick something from this post too.
      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂


  2. I thank you too. It brought so many memories back to me. we were married 12 years before we had our first, after 6 miscarriages. It was always so hard to be around others who could get that way and have them. It must be harder when you cannot even get pregnant.

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    1. Oh Betty, that in itself is a testimony. Thank you for sharing. I hope those who read your comment will be encouraged to keep the faith that it can happen even though it delays.


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