Advocacy: Because Pain is not a respector of persons… Or sexes

There are many facets to the issue of infertility (yep, still here). Meanwhile the Afrobloggers community is getting bold and loud about the issues so dear to their hearts. I hope you have read some as we get into day 7.

But I figured I would close it out with a male perspective.

If fertility is taboo in most circles, male infertility is almost inconceivable.

Yet it does happen and its time responsibility for children, the entire process of having children and nurturing them and all that was evened out. About 30% of infertility issues are come from men, another 30% from women, another 30% from both and 10% still unknown.

Take responsibility together. Get checked out together because with the leaps science is taking, the earlier you know, the earlier you can find a solution. Don’t wait too long and stupidly hold on to your ‘manly’ pride. So the story you will read is shared in the hope that the men out there will also know they are not alone and take the steps they can to navigate it.

I have not gotten around to surrogacy, IVFs, sperm donations or the different little details involved in this. But I do hope this adds a little light to the situation people around you may be going through. Sometimes you don’t even need to have any answer, just listen and let them know they are seen.

OK…the story you will read glimpse below first appeared on Bikozulu. Glimpse, because it will be only a paragraph and a link to his blog as usual. Go check it out. I personally truly enjoy Biko’s writing so who knows? You might like it too…

After the third year, his mother called him aside and said, “What’s going on here, my son? Do you guys want children? Does she want children” He said she did, they did, they wanted four children. They wanted so many children if you opened a closet to look for your shoes, a child would spill out of it. His mom was relieved because she was afraid he might have married these “modern women who want to see the world and not have children.”

How I met Sam

3 thoughts on “Advocacy: Because Pain is not a respector of persons… Or sexes

    1. Yes, yes and yes. I don’t know why the responsibility should always be the woman’s burden to carry. I think the story helps balance the narrative.
      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂


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