Biz and Tech Week : It takes a village…

To do so many things, including promoting and growing your business.

So – welcome to your marketplace. If you are producing something, unless it’s totally private and for your personal enjoyment, you hope there will be consumers on the other end of it.

I hope that description just lights the idea of social media in your head. Humanity Boss shared some great thoughts on that.

During my down time sometime in March, I thought it would help to learn about Social Media Marketing. I think in the world of content production it gives a boost when you can adequately say you know about social media.

And I was amazed at how much I liked the class! (Of course it was online and I learned at my own pace but still – the content was great too!)

Started thinking that maybe I should focus more on Social Media Marketing than writing OK. Ignore the fact that I’m only on about three platforms and active mostly on one – WhatsApp. But even then I know, and people will attest to this that I’m terrible there. Here today, gone tomorrow, always taking those Digital Detox vacations. Though truly it’s just social media breaks. I think we’ve moved into an existence where it is hard to totally do away with everything digital.

But this idea of your possible marketplace leads to a discussion on Social Media – the perfect blend of work and fun if you can figure out the formula.

1. At this point, we do know that it is possible to earn on Social Media. It could easily be the future of marketing and I remember learning that in the next few years, companies will be investing a whole lot more in that avenue.

2. Not to mention, you can mostly do that marketing from the comfort of wherever. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly other details you need to know and invest in to blow up depending on your growth target, but mostly its simple – Sign up, Log in, Post, Engage, Return.

3. It has got everything in one place. It’s easy to get new ideas and measure yourself up against your competition. And no, this is not to inflate your ego or deflate it, but to see where you can improve or what you should let go of. Other avenues may not make it as easy to receive feedback as social media does (because it’s quick and engaging) and you really need the feedback.

There are plenty of benefits to social media but as a number of books on the matter have shown like Digital Minimalism and To Hell with the Hustle, there is a downside too.

To navigate the slippery slope that is Social Media especially on your mental health (have you watched The Social Dilemma, or read facts on how the generation that has grown up with social media is easily the most anxious and depressed in yearssss), you will need to put boundaries in place. These could look like timers and App locks or a reset day.

Even though it takes a village, all those villagers😏 eventually go to their homes. There is a time where you will have to look after yours.

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