Biz and Tech Week : Landing the dream job

How much do you think Disney or Electronic Arts pay their writers😏?

Like seriously. Even though I feel like these are two companies I could work for for free (don’t quote me on that – money is important!) Writing for those companies would be a dream.

I am easily a lover of animations and video games. Which probably makes me any child’s dream companion if I’m not hogging the TV.

So…Disney – I remember watching Raya and the Dragon, along with so many more of their animations, but that one. As the credits rolled up, I wondered about what it would be like to be part of such a project and what it takes to come up with such a story. I was 14 when I got a little obsessed with writers creating the magic on TV. We’d watch a movie and while everyone was gushing about the acting and all, I get drawing attention to the writing talent that went behind it.

I got my shot at this sort of thing in high school😂. Wrote two scripts for two videos that we sent in to Adobe Youth Voices. It was fun but I didn’t pursue it because I thought I was busy reading. Really the only regret with most of these things, especially in the business aspect, is that I didn’t pursue them earlier with more intention or hope of them panning out into something more.

And…games – mine is the kind phone of phone that always has at least two games. In fact, I got those warning about phone storage and decided I would get rid of other apps, anything but my precious games.

For EA games, I was just reading through my journals and found how much I enjoyed playing Star Wars Battlefront II. Well really, I’ve played a number of video games that I’ve really enjoyed. It’s a great hobby. Just that reading that and the thoughts around the game, reminded me that this is something I would like to dol. Do the writing behind the games.

I haven’t tried this yet. I had an idea for a mobile game though that I was ready to pitch to a friend who was taking lessons in coding. Maybe…one day.

Focusing on this writing journey has definitely opened my mind to so many aspects of it out there. Before, it was a blanket term ‘I want to be a writer’ and of course the intention to have a novel one day but I’m finding the more I look into it, the more there is so much to find. I’ve found that to be true and I hope it also serves as encouragement for someone trying to figure out what they want. Keep searching – it’s probably out there or you’ll create it.

Again maybe one day… One day.

All Pictures used taken from Unsplash.

Out of my dreams and back to reality this is Day 13 – where you learn a little about companies I would love to work with. By that I mean learn how much I would like to work with them.

The Afrobloggers community has been awash with so much information on business and tech, taking the topic from every possible facet. There’s so much learning going on. I know this blog has mostly focused on writing but be sure to check them out.

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