Biz and Tech Week : Let it marinate.

Living in a world of instant gratification has probably worn out our muscle of patience. We’ve conveniently forgotten that good things take time and have the idea that if something doesn’t pick we should abandon it.

Half baked plans and half hearted attempts.

I think this is what keeps us rotating around then idea of giving up. That and also constantly looking at someone else and thinking your path should look like theirs. The trouble with this is that unless you live with them, you truly have no idea what they have been doing behind the scenes.

So what if they set up their account the same day you did. They probably had extra classes before they took that step. And yes, there is a place for unforeseen blessings – that’s true.

Have time to sit with your idea. Don’t think up a plan tonight and execute it three minutes later. Think it out – if you take that step what does it lead to and so on. Don’t try your hand at something and quit after two weeks. You may not be getting the reaction you had hoped but still sit with it. Plan – Plan – Plan. Do your best, so that when you finally decide to give it up it’s done with a sober mind and not one that’s high on emotion.

I believe starting a business or any job is a high on its own, there’s purpose to your everyday now. And of course the windfall you expect. But its always important to look up to the bigger picture as you go into these things.

Stay the path, see the potential, execute…and realise what you hope for.

That brings us to the end of this week and Day 14💃🏿

7 thoughts on “Biz and Tech Week : Let it marinate.

  1. You are such a well of wisdom
    I keep coming to check what you have in store for us and I encourage you to keep the ball rolling because we are watching and taking notes.

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  2. I’m thinking you’re so right. We’ve become a people who have forgotten that most things worth having are obtained at a cost and that cost is usually hard graft. It’s the journey that so often makes the final destination worth attaining and lends it a sense of worth😎

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    1. I also remember reading something along the same lines from your blog about the journey. I agree, I think we forget that purpose is found in the doing and daily being rather than simply having.
      Thank you for reading and commenting :).

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