Culture and Fashion Week: Headline with the headwrap

Of late, I have been drawn to the headwraps. I just love them. I think they make a great statement, wrap up a look and go with everything.

Which is always a catch for fashion. Something that’s comfortable and can go with everything πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ.

I also like the fact that they make a messy bad hair day look well thought out.

And I won’t speak for all the women out there, but hair is such a hurdle to consider when going out. How long will it take me to fix it and how exactly should I style it…a number of thoughts. But with the headwrap, I’m good to go in a few minutes. I mean who has the time to look under your headwrap and tell what’s going on.

This is not always the case though, sometimes they highlight the hairdo.

All Pictures taken from Pinterest

I haven’t been in this headwrapping business long but here are my ideas on how to dress the headwrap.

  1. Wear them with hoops or large earrings. You can get away with the studs but I think the loops tie it all together. Big thick things and the longer the better. Really I am also just a fan of earrings, those that dangle all the way to the base of your neckπŸ˜‚, big and colourful.
  2. Switch up the tie styles. I learnt a few styles (and they are very easy to do) and it’s easy to find one that you are very comfortable with but you should switch them up to give a fresh look. And you’ll find some flow better for a particular look you are going for.
  3. Frame your face perfectly with the wrap. Don’t cover your ears if it’s not your idea. Don’t make it too tight and give yourself a headache all for the sake of fashion.
  4. Own the look. The first time I stepped out in a headwrap, I was so unsure. I hadn’t done it before and kept thinking it would fall off in public or that I just flat out looked strange. But it grew on me and has grown on those around me. So walk out with confidence and even though it feels weird on your head, give it time. You grow into it.

Altogether, I think the headwrap is a wonderful idea.

11 thoughts on “Culture and Fashion Week: Headline with the headwrap

  1. Such a necessary skill, I need to learn how to do this, I am currently not in the mood to go to the salon and I don’t even want to deal with my hair, definitely need help, lol

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  2. Usually if you see me with a headwrap, you know my hair needs help πŸ˜‚

    Sometimes I wear them as part of the outfit but that’s just once in a while. Maybe the problem is that I don’t wear hoops so they don’t look right πŸ˜‚

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    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hoops totally elevate the look.
      My hair also needs help much of the time which is why headwraps are so easy. Because my hair is a mess I always have terrible thoughts over how the wrap will fall off in public 😱. Hasn’t happened yet but it’s a serious thought.

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    1. The YouTube tutorials are what helped me start. They made it look so easy and doable.
      Yes please, I would like the feedback and maybe more tips because it’s a look I intend to keep.
      Thank you for reading and commenting :).

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  3. I use to wear something like that when I was young and it was the hippy era. I think they are cool and if one has a cute profile it is even cuter. now, I wear one when I get out of the shower that is plastic, not quite the same. Agree too on the big hoop ear rings…and makeup is a must, dress it up.

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    1. They are cool and cute. Before I tried them for myself, I always thought they added an air of sophistication. And the styles are always so nice to look at.
      The way to dress them right is to dress them up. I totally agree, Betty. Thank you for reading and commenting :).

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      1. Even without a scarf if I put on earrings I always look better. One thing I have learned through the years as I aged pick out my worst feature and put on something beautiful to take the focus off the worst feature. Now that I am 74 with many many many wrinkles my earrings are more important. I hardly ever wore them when I was young. I had beautiful alburn hair which was what everyone always commented about. Now I am white headed and it washes my face out so I love my earrings. I don’t know how old you are but this works at any age. I am also big busted so I do not wear certain styles. Back in my day we had home teaching in school, how to cook, sew, etc, and how to dress to look ones best. I am glad I listened. Those turbins head dress are wonderful for any age women who has lost her hair from cancer treatment. Another thing I learned while living in Papua New Guinea, in some countries they are culturally accepted as beauty. The ladies in PNG also put tattoos on their face, they used charcoal to make them black.

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