Conversations with Death

This is what Death must feel like.

Not that she knew what death felt like. She had obviously not been dead before but she figured it felt like this.


Yet even that word felt incomplete.

“Hurry up!”

“Coming.” Deuce called back, unhappy that she was being called away just as the story was getting good. “A few more words” she mumbled to herself as she weaved the story to introduce death as a character. Would it be strange, she thought to herself as she erased the word ‘strange’ in her writing. Would her audience enjoy it? It was hard to tell.

Hard to tell – she replaced ‘strange’ with ‘indescribable’.

“We are going to be late.” She ignored that. Who cared about blind dates in the middle of a pandemic? But her roommate liked this guy she had met on a dating app. There was no talking her out of the meeting. What happened to common sense and the knowledge that people lied online!

And she had nothing to wear for this date that wasn’t really hers. Deuce frowned, maybe her character could meet Death on a blind date. Blind dates are savage like that anyway. She grinned to herself and typed it in.

She had met death on a blind date.

Maybe it wasn’t right to personify death. To give it more hold in life than it already had. She chewed her lip in thought.

Kami burst through the room and groaned. “Not this again.” She said ‘this’ so dismissively, like it was a fleeting childhood dalliance and Deuce cringed at it. Well if her writing wasn’t worth Kami’s time of day, then Kami’s date wasn’t worth her time of night either.

She turned around, ready to give Kami a piece of her mind. To educate her about the process and benefits of writing.

Kami looked gorgeous in her short black dress, and killer red shoes. She had put effort into this and Deuce may be a struggling sadistic writer but she wasn’t going to extend that to her friendships. She sighed knowing she would be going on this date afterall.

But that didn’t mean she had to put in any effort.

Deuce picked up the ugliest sweater she had to cover her extra large t-shirt and pulled on her dirty sweat pants. She hoped Kami was cringing inside too. As she picked out her dirtiest sneakers, she saw Kami give her that look and she shrugged saying “It’s not my date, now, is it? And think, if I look extremely terrible, he’ll only have eyes for you.”

Kami gave a half shrug and they were out the door.

While Kami was going on about how this would be a wonderful date, Deuce’s overactive imaginative only focused on the worst. To balance Kami out of course.

“What if he kidnaps us?” Kami voiced out loud and in doing so was transported back to her laptop and her story. What if death kidnapped her main character! Now that would be quite the story.

“Nothing like that will happen.” Kami said as she linked her hand through Deuce’s. And she quickly turned away with her fingers reaching to cover her nose.

“When was the last time you showered?” she shrieked. It was a good thing that there was hardly anyone on the road. Deuce smelled herself. It was bad.

“We are in a lockdown. No one cares about these things anymore.” And writing a killer story, no pun intended, demanded sacrifices. And maybe that’s how her character would get to meet Death for the inevitable conversation they must have. The story was getting good. Too good. She couldn’t wait to write it. If only she had carried her laptop!

Caught up in the story in her head, she didn’t listen to Kami’s rumbling, she didn’t notice when the talking stop and absolutely didn’t notice when they reached their destination. The letters on the building were falling off and she couldn’t make out what it was before. That gave her the idea for where her character would meet Death, a little cafe called ‘eat In’ because the D and H had fallen off but her character would not notice.

They climbed the stairs up to the right apartment, all the while the story in her head forming perfectly. The boy had promised to walk them if it lasted after curfew and with the way Kami was dressed, she definitely hoped for it to last till after curfew.

They knocked on apartment C30.

Week 5 of the Afro-bloggers Challenge is all about Storytelling. So it’s three days of a little more fiction stories. I may continue with this one for the next two days or do something different everyday. I hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know your thoughts on the. story in the comments.

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