The Day It All Ended

Like most things in life, there was a time frame to this

Time crept by slowly, eating up the process and spitting nothing back.

They didn’t see it move at fast,

A subtle little move that gave them the illusion of time aplenty.

They blinked and they were already halfway done

Time kept silent too, sneaking closer

Seeming to freeze when they glanced at it

Playing the part of a mime, doing so much without seeming to move.

It was like a fog, like the shadows creeping up.

It eased closer to their writing challenge.

They pushed the laptops and notepads an inch.

A little more time – they thought to themselves.

And Time heard them and neared.

Before they knew it, it had swallowed everything up.

And just like that the Afrobloggers Challenge 2021 is over. For those who watched and remember Just for Laughs, imagine that little green thing running onto the stage and crying ‘Mummy, it’s over’. But it has been 22 days and has given me something to look forward to at the end of the weekday.

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