Falling back into a writing pattern!

It’s been a whole two weeks since the Afrobloggers Challenge ended. And I know this update is coming in much later but the Challenge was won by Elise over at Letters from this heart. Throughout the challenge she approached the topics in form of a short story series following Esaaba and her outlook on life. If you missed that series, I encourage you go read it. Really really good stuff there.

So after a month long challenge I decided to take some time off the blog. The prolonged absence is purely on me because I had planned on only doing a week-long break.

So here is how I intend to fall back into writing. Or what I constantly did during my self-induced break under the guise of ‘preparation’.

1. Think about writing. It has been said that it takes 21 days to build a habit. Can’t say how true that is, I’m still trying to quit my ice-chewing habit. But on odd days when ideas came to mind, I would think about it. And I think about it. How I’m never doing enough writing at any point in the day. Like when I spend all day watching YouTubers and that later translates into all week watching other YouTubers.

2. Read from your favourite writers…or just read. The rule of thumb of writing (so I heard but it makes sense) is to read twice as much as you write. I can see the benefits too, you get to see different writing styles and to get ideas too. Or because this is better – read for the enjoyment of it. This also helps to see what works and what doesn’t. One of the books I read in the break was ‘When You Read This’ by Mary Adkins and I liked the epistolary form of writing. The second book I’m reading in this form but I don’t think I have ventured into writing with that form.

3. Think about writing. Now that the writing arsenal is beefed up with writing styles and plot twists from other writers you start spiralling back to the original thought ‘I need to write’. During this break there was one book I read and I didn’t agree with the ending which gave me an idea of how to end a story if ever I chose to do that trope. And I thought about writing!

4. Do a little writing. I think there is mostly an aspect of writing in daily life so you can’t really escape it. And besides the journey to a full novel starts with a single sentence. Where you learn to enjoy the journey as well as the destination. That’s how you get back into a pattern; slowly by slowly.

Now I’m back to the usual pattern Wednesdays and Sunday posts! Hope you will drop by when you get the time.

7 thoughts on “Falling back into a writing pattern!

  1. Welcome back. I have never joined a controlled writing challenge where someone pick the topic, or the time, or one that offers some kind of prize. When I first started Word Press I was given several awards but declined them. Because I felt like it put a kink in my writing, the flow since I am a fly by the night kind of writer. I will start a post, have what I think is sure thing to write on but somewhere it will take a different direction and I just go with the flow. Not very discipline but I guess I am not trying to be either. Which is probably why I have not finished my book. You would think at my age I would have discipline down pat. It’s just the opposite though, I tend to fight discipline because I have to use it so much in the past years. Again, glad you are back.

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    1. Hey Betty. Thank you. I thought I had settled whatever it was about two weeks ago but I am learning that it is okay to do everything at my own pace.
      I have also been thinking mostly about discipline in these few days that I have had my thoughts to myself. It made me have to look at my patterns and what I want to prioritise going forward. There are also things I haven’t finished because of lack of discipline. I hope to change that though.
      Thank you so much for reading. And commenting. :).


    1. Feels so good to be back with an intention to keep it up.

      Reading is wonderful, just totally widens my own perspective on life I believe books are great companions. Thank you for being here even when I wasn’t. 😍 Truly appreciate it.


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