Art imitating Life.

I like to keep my fiction writing as close to real life as possible. I like to think that when people read they are like ‘this could totally happen’ or come to think that the characters are people they could know.

Question is, do I always get it right?

This writing preference doesn’t mean that I barely like fantasy and the speculative. It just means that when I’m writing it you can tell it’s an amateur at work. (Like I wrote one for a writing challenge – yes I try to do many of those as I can – and I mostly didn’t like it. I didn’t like the plot and I was grasping at straws to create fantastical moments and creatures and the setting. I was cringing through the writing but you never know till you try). And I have tried.

One of the things writing teaches you to manoeuvre is where, when, how and why to get your inspiration and ideas.

That’s if that is the route for you.

The more you do it, the firmer that muscle gets. Or so I like to think.

I was watching a Youtube video and went to the comments. One of them was along the lines ‘mind if I borrow your story and write about it?’. I could relate with that. Most of the time I watch those videos to pick out things that could potentially be used as writing material.

Especially those ‘How We Met’ stories. (Had I mentioned yet that I am one of those romantics who are wild about a love story that works out right) How the little pieces come together and you can see where the story was headed all along. Like there was an invisible hand at work curving it out into a story that has them blushing and smiling whenever they retell it.

Mostly, I like the fact that so far with all the stories I’ve listened to, no two are alike. How many ways can people fall in love. I think they should be a show like that – A 1000 ways to fall in love – just like there was A 1000 ways to die. (Because, according to Evie Thomas from Instructions for Dancing by Nicola Yoon, the opposite of love is death).

And for romance really, it helps when you write that meet cute, something that will get people smiling and rooting for the couple from the get go. I mean, once you introduce your characters in a romance story every one knows where it is going but they stay for the journey so it has got to be well-thought out.

What I’m saying with this post, is that sometimes life is wilder and a little more interesting than fiction.

4 thoughts on “Art imitating Life.

      1. Not any fiction at this time. I just finished two good ones. One by a friend of mine titled DNR by Dave Wall. The other one is The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin. I am currently into one titled, A Quest For More by Paul Tripp, his books are a favorite of mine. Last fiction I read was John Grishson latest.

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