Navigating online relationships

At this point, online anything has mostly become common place. We live in a time where most love stories (because I watch plenty of those – if you read the previous post) have an element of social media. Whether they met on Instagram or Facebook, even Tiktok. Let’s not get even get into the online dating sites. And outside the romantic, there are other relationships that bloom and are sustained without the in-person meeting.

I would know – I’m yet to meet the people I work with.

So clearly this works.

Communications are started and they lead to something more. A text or a photo and the story unfolds in ways you didn’t think it could. If you think that is wild – read The Wind Catcher. It’s a beautiful story and masterfully told. They got together because of comments on a blog post. I read that story with a smile on my face. Life wilder than fiction!

In this post, I might have disclosed that I was on a mission to make a few new friends this year. I started with just four and now, because we still have to deal with lockdowns and restrictions, I have decided just one is good enough (can you tell how hard this is).

Usually, I’m hesitant about those online things. There are body language cues you miss and strange tones you infer from messages you read. All of it is mostly hazy and I keep thinking people are tailoring themselves for their online personality. And of course the delay in response.

Because conversation doesn’t usually come easy to me, I used to think texts are better than calls – though I will take a face to face meet over both. Then I found that those are hard too and group chats are mostly impossible. I never send messages in groups with more than ten people at the acceptable frequency. The more the people, the more the dynamics and I just retract into my shell.

But I want to change that. I’m working on changing that.

I stopped being picky and decided I should give in to the online connections and really follow them through. Be the first to reach out. Ask more questions. Maybe call….maybe.

Enter the new group I joined! (To be honest I miss the school setting which always made opportunity for making friends even though I don’t make great use of it).

So far (read the past two weeks) -there’s promise 😂😂. It is more than ten people – yes I am stretching myself. We have had group calls and interesting conversations. How much is too much to tell people you’ve never met in person? But I like that we have good common ground.

Anyway, I’m navigating this the best way I know how. If you have any tips, let me know. If you have a story of a relationship – be it friendship or mentorship or work-related – that began online and you would like to share, please let me know. I would love to read those.

All photos taken from Unsplash.

3 thoughts on “Navigating online relationships

  1. I believe I have developed a strong network of blog friends. I have met one of them, planning on meeting up with another one in Oct. I stick pretty close to home and by that I mean, not far from the Lord’s people to blog with. I do venture out some and found I like the interaction with seekers. I love to talk with someone who wants to hear truth and though they may not be a Christian are still open to dialogue with me. I have been stung once by a very hateful woman who literally caused me to think about stopping blogging. But instead I stopped her from entering my blog again. I am content with those I blog with, slowly growing my readers and my reading everytime I get on. I trust the Lord to bring me in contact with those who are encouraging and I have the courage to confront if needed and to pull the plug on those who just want to argue. I own this blog post where I live, no one else does so I can ask anyone to come in or get out. As I said before, I am glad you are one of my blog readers and one I like to read. You are respectful, insightful, encouraging and just plain nice.


  2. I don’t think I went looking for friends when I started my blog. It was more about self expression. But in doing so I have met two or three people I really enjoy corresponding with and who challenge me from time to time, which is a good thing. But like you I sometimes wonder if this is the real person or the “tailored” version. If the chance to meet them came along would I be wise to decline? Interesting thought.

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