On drowning in self-doubt (3 easy steps)

Incoming repost. 😅

I wrote this one in the thick of uncertainty and my own insecurities. Somehow, I find myself here again. Where is all this headed? Does this matter? Was there a better path I should have taken? Does it get better?

Especially that last question! There’s nothing new here but I do hope it can encourage someone else.

In the course of life, a number of things we have to come believe about ourselves will be drawn into question. Repeatedly. And it would be OK if it was the bits we hate about ourselves but constantly it’s the strengths, the things we have tightly wrapped our identities around. The things that make it okay for us to be us and not anybody else in the world.

So what do we do when we are in doubt, wrestling to get back to that self-identity we are most comfortable in. We take the time to find the answers!

We step away from the fire to gain perspective even though after a while it is easier to stay in ‘doubt’ like it’s a destination and abandon all course of action.

We redraft our war strategy and dive back into enemy lines to rescue our drive. Because anyone who has ever doubted something so personal to them; faith, careers, relationships, passion, knows that love is war! You must fight for what you want.

But most of all, we take the time to get answers. Solid answers. Honest answers. Not words that comfort but offer no growth. We look for words that tear up our vision however heartlessly but offer relief because they are trustworthy.

You doubt and set yourself up for a journey for answer-seeking. Doubt should not be the end, but the start of something new.

And the truth shall set you free.

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