All Work and No Play!

I started watching the Korean Drama ‘SKY Castle’ sometime last week.

It is about the cutthroat education experience that some students are exposed to. This concent is explored through the dynamics of five different families in an upper class neighbourhood and the seemingly ridiculous extents they go to to secure certain things for their children. And it seemed ridiculous till I looked it up and saw that it was so close to the reality in Korea.

There are aspects of that story that I relate with!

A few instances that happen and I can almost see myself in them because they hit that close to home. (My academic journey was one giant emotional roller-coaster – think almost every emotion and I can almost guarantee at some point of my studying I felt that).

At the time of writing, I’m barely halfway the series so I can’t tell you how things work out as yet. But what is evident is the burn out and the discord within the families from the students and the parents and whoever else dares to get into the line of fire before the children graduate.

All the parents are convinced that they are doing it all for their children’s welfare. And I can see the flaw in that thinking somewhere. I feel like I have plenty of thoughts on that but I do realise they may be biased (since I haven’t been a parent yet and don’t know the thoughts that keep them up at night).

But maybe in striving for the kids’ overall independence, it may be important to get their input on somethings. If you are acting in someone’s interest I think their interests should be at the forefront of any argument or discussion.

Let’s talk burnout though!

Part of me keeps waiting for the children to crack because I don’t think humans were wired that way to work work work without rest. I could be wrong but I’m mostly sure I am not.

One of the kids cracked – badly. He was so done with school he didn’t even push on to the university he had worked so hard to get into. True, it’s not what he wanted from the start but he also cut ties with his overbearing parents.

There’s so much information right now on rest and how good it is for you. I’ve read To Hell With the Hustle by Bethke Jefferson and listened to one of my favourite podcasts from Jordan Lee Dooley yet on finding rest. How the Sabbath is important and God knew what He was about when He commanded it. I also think there is much information coming out on that.

Take the time to rest, avoid burnouts and disterest. Play a little. I’m sure what you think is urgent (though it’s not a matter of life or death) will still be there after an hour of sleep or your favourite hobby.

Then of course there is the social awkwardness – if I should call it that.

All photos taken from Unsplash.

(There are several characters in the show and I feel like I might lose you with ‘there’s this character’ but bear with me.)

One of the girls is super bright but absolutely friendless because of the attitude success has instilled in her personality. She is a nag to be around and that poor social capital does affect somethings she wants – like running for class president.

Once in a while you need to lift your head from the grind and see that there is life happening without you. Play with a team, laugh with a book club…the sort of interactions that will remind you there is a world outside your little bubble and make you more mindful of others and your actions.

I guess what we all tend to forget is that there is an end to the work we chase after; you graduate from school and you retire from work and all you get to keep are the connections you formed.

So I guess there is much to consider before you lose yourself completely in work. Find a balance.

What was your education experience like? Did your parents (and/or self) insist on reading with no room for anything else? Or was it the opposite? Let me know in the comments.

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