Biz and Tech Week : Writing on a budget

Bringing this back from a series I did in the Winter ABC challenge – in case you missed it.

One of the things I totally appreciate about the digital revolution is how many writing platforms there are. It’s great exposure and most of them are mostly free. So I figured I could share some of the platforms I use.

Because of how busy work has gotten, I haven’t been so active on these sites since February but I believe that someone who reads this may find a site they enjoy. Some of them, you probably already know from reading the blog but this is a list where you can find them easily…Check them up and puff up your writing portfolio.

OK! Here we go.

Reedsy. I found this one at the start of last year and it is a great platform. There are five prompts that are sent out on Friday evening. You can write as many stories as you wish and post them to your author profile. The feedback is mostly from fellow writers so you can enjoy that. And if your story is great enough, you could walk away with $50 at the end of the week. The recognition too and I do know they host webinars on different skills on how to improve your writing.

Prose. This site was recommended through engagement with Reedsy authors. I got there and really loved it. In my opinion, it’s like the Facebook of the writing world… Or maybe Instagram (but I don’t use Instagram and haven’t been on Facebook in a while so don’t take my word for it). It’s great exposure and a whole lot more engagement from the community that any other platform I’ve ventured onto. There was a prompt for the week too but I think they are maintaining just one for the month. Different publishing houses also give challenges and good prizes and the rest of the community puts up different challenges just to get your creative juices flowing.

The Writers’ Workout. This is a great website for writers. Feel like I visit it every other day. The blog is informative with different tips on how to improve your craft. It also has different writing challenges like the Writer’s Games that I’m sure I’ve mentioned before.

Writers’ HQ. It also has writing opportunities but I mostly like it for its coherent list of open writing contests. They list out all the submission fees so you can look out for those that fit your pocket and they also give the prize reward. It’s a great list. They also have a number of writing courses to improve your craft. (As you can see, they are all about improvement here)

Australian Writers’ Center. I always look forward to their emails. They are witty and hilarious. And I get a serious mental workout from their riddles. They also organise Furious Fiction weekends. These happen every first weekend of the month – 500 words in 55 hours. And there’s money to be won for it too.

Freedom with Writing. I’ve been signed to this one longest I think. Like it says it really does its best to offer freedom with this uncertain path. It lists out writing opportunities and possible jobs. Of course most of them are not on this continent but it gets you thinking.

Wattpad. Yeah, I’ve jumped on this train a little late but I’m finally there too. Been there all of two weeks. So maybe in future when I update this list, I’ll tell you more about it. But I like the accountability it gives you in writing out your novel.

Also, look into travel competitions. Type in travel competitions in Google and see the world through your writing 😉.

There you have it, plenty of avenues to get you a little more focused on your writing. And of course – there’s WordPress to get your blogging game on.

And that marks off our Day 12 in the challenge💪🏿

If you have some more you’ve come across that are not on the list, please let me know in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Biz and Tech Week : Writing on a budget

    1. You’re welcome😊😊. There are quite a number of sites so I hope you find the one that works best for you.
      Or you could play them all like I do😂😂😂.
      Thank you for reading and commenting :).


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