Married to the job

Or not…

Mostly not because there has to be a work-life balance somewhere. (Though I read somewhere that there is no balance – it’s all your life. All you’ve got to do is distribute the pressure appropriately. Does that make sense to you?)

But I was thinking how about how the job starts to slip into your daily living.

Like how my sister keeps noticing skin blemishes and I am now attuned to noticing flaws in statements. Or when therapists can’t help but give psychoanalyse others in conversations (according to all the movies and novels I come across). I also noticed that I notice scenes in life and just think of how I could write incorporate them into a story.

When the job becomes you or when you become the job. There was a question, teaser really, that asked for people to describe themselves without saying what they do. Who are we without the ‘what’ that we derive our sense of purpose from?

I could also be reading too much into this and riding high on the thrill of having a job that you actually look forward to going to.

So here we are, starting the last month of the year and contemplating things. I’m contemplating how much writing I am doing or have done and what I’ve learned to improve my writing. The experiences that have fed into the growth of this writing. If it has grown. And honestly don’t all marriages get that review point (the job/career marriages that I am talking about). Where they look back and realise that somehow you are still making it through and tied-in to this thing that you love so much, for better or worse.

I am still a little pleased that writing gets me geared up like that. Perhaps I’ve written before but there are days when I think this is a phase and my dreams and passions will change so dramatically.

Pictures taken from Pinterest

Ha! These thoughts have been all over the place. You could definitely tell I’ve been away from the platform for a while.

Happy December! Let’s finish well.

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