The pressures of consistency!

Do not introduce anyone to a routine you will not be able to maintain!

Hey, this is a repost from last year. Sometime last week, I was asked for what I want to be known for and consistency was one of those things on my list. I hope this helps get your thoughts out on consistency.

I don’t know where I heard this (or read it) but I think it’s true. People come to value the consistency you exhibit and in so doing hold you to the standard you’ve set for yourself.

All that sounds good, doesn’t it? People know you as consistent and it might not be an exciting thing to hear but there is stability in that. There is order in routine.

Till you don’t feel like it! (And this encompasses as many things as those that fit the bill.)

You don’t feel like waking up every morning to prepare that king-size/worthy breakfast on a rainy morning where the warmth of the bed beckons you deeper.

You don’t feel like continuing your daily streak on your exercise because…you just don’t have the strength for it.

And so many things we set ourselves up for, that we honestly desire for ourselves. The trying comes in the follow through.

I read a book ‘Let me be a woman’ by Elisabeth Elliott and am now going through it for a study. What prompted the book was to a desire to give some insight into what marriage might look like (and no…there are no wedding bells in my near future but it doesn’t hurt to get a little perspective). One of the lines in the book reads ‘love doesn’t preserve the marriage, the marriage preserves the love.’

When you first read it, it seems absolutely unbelievable. Because we don’t ever want to imagine that there will come a time in a relationship where love doesn’t spur us into action, instead a commitment does. That’s where the vows and promises you make to yourself kick in.

But this is not about wedding vows. This is about the things we commit to, the things we get into when we are high on emotion and good deeds. And shockingly find there are days we just don’t feel like them. This in no way undermines the fact that we love them. It’s just the simple fact that sometimes ‘love doesn’t preserve the commitment, the commitment preserves the love.’

I have this in my writing journey. I love writing!! I can’t ever stress this enough or find the right words to explain the rush I get from putting words and sentences together. But at the start of last year, I had drowned out the love in it and it started feeling like a chore. That’s the worst feeling to come to something with. It should be with ease and enjoyment if it should be largely rewarding. And I decided to get in some writing everyday, not a lot but just enough to keep the skill at the ready.

And yet there are days where I don’t feel like writing! (what sort of writer are you?! You are probably wondering). But because I have committed myself to it, I sit there and throw words together and before I know it, I’m caught in that rush that is writing and I see it through. Commitment sustains the love.

I’m in danger of repeating myself trying to put this point across. So I’ll leave it at this ’emotions are temporary and our feelings leave little room for mercy’ (lyrics from the song The Question). Push through the muddy feelings and establish consistency – that in and out of season someone can know you to do something. Consistently.

15 thoughts on “The pressures of consistency!

  1. love doesn’t preserve the commitment, the commitment preserves the love.’ Our human love and thats how we love in the beginning, it’s pure human feeling good, goose bumps, flutter of our hearts, everything is new feelings will soon wear off and if there is nothing underneath the feelings, well lets just say, marriage could be hell. We married young, 17, thinking we were mature because we both were good workers and not afraid of hard work. It did not take long before our marriage suffered. From that point on I think we both tried to get that kind of love back in different ways, it did not come back. After 12 years we had our first child then our second and began a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Marriage became more of a commitment as we learned how to be married with God in our life.
    I would say it take consistency to be married as long as we have, consistency to marriage even when human love fails. Good post.

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    1. Whoa! You married young. Congrats on walking together and keeping your vows, even when it was tough.
      I agree about consistency. Even when the feelings fade away because emotions are temporary. It’s a high then a low then all over the place so it is better to base the things that matter on something not as fickle.
      Thank you so much for passing by, Betty. I always appreciate your insight.


  2. I struggle with consistency, most especially in my writing. There are times where I won’t write for days just because the words are not appearing in the format that I’d like them to, I think it’s perfectionism also. But I’m willing to give this consistency thing a try

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  3. I completely understand! Most of my life I’ve been known for my commitment and consistency. Then I became tired. As you said, it was no longer fun and had become a chore. Two-hundred and eleven days ago I decided to blog everyday for 100 days. It was difficult but I did it. Once I hit 100, I set the goal at 150. After 150, I pushed it to 200. This was the most difficult to achieve. Everyday I woke up dreading posting a blog, even the blog stories. After 200, I debated on whether I should stop. It was at that moment that I released myself from my commitment to continue. Since then I have blogged every day without feeling one ounce of pressure. I believe it was the commitment that made the consistency difficult. Life.


    1. Probably😅. But I think most aspects of life yield to discipline. If you show up, I guess the brain works overtime to get everything in line till it becomes habit…or its just my thinking. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  4. Sometimes writing feels laborious, and you can’t craft anything, even what you feel. And that’s okay, but it’s best if we strive to write something, anything. I really loved this. I could feel it speak to me since I’m fond of feeling like writing is just like a chore.

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    1. Me too…most days, especially when I’ve already set a deadline for myself. I think it should help keep me ordered but it also heaps a little pressure. But of course its rewarding when you push through it. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  5. Whether we like to admit it or not, structure and consistency make us better in all ways. I love me loads of consistency. Yet another beautiful peice

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    1. Yep, the more consistent the better. It is a great way to be known in your circles!! That people see you as someone of your word. Thank you for reading Martha 🙂 and commenting.


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