2022 with some buzz…

Or not if that puts unnecessary pressure on your plans. Somethings will work out, somethings will not – like it happens every year. The ebb and rise of life as it is.

But our focus on the new year is Growth And Perspective. At least mine is. That is my theme for the year.

I didn’t close out the year as I had planned to on the blog. Just disappeared for a few weeks without explanation and I hope there is better consistency this year. Better content too.

Writing that resonates.

That’s relevant.

That’s authentic to me.

Writing that somehow captures my year…and hopefully growth. I have always liked the concept of vlogs – visual records for one’s life. But I’m a Wordsmith, word-worm, word-lover – they get to me like nothing else. So I hope there is a better written record for this journey.

When I thought of growth…about three days before the new year (forget that I had known the year’s theme for over two years), I figured I should move on from the same things that seem to trip me up in life. Time to move on to other mountains. When I think about moving around the same mountain, I think of the Israelites in the desert moving about in circles for decades. I don’t want that to be me. You’ve probably heard that if you are not growing, you are dying, right?

There should be a point where one gets tired of writing the same resolutions. I mean there are constant things that we take on and carry on the torch to the next year. Which is a good thing, for things like better relationships and better faith. Because for those, there are always more levels to reach.

But stuff like…like, for more than three years I always write that I am quitting some terrible habit I have of chewing ice. More than three years! It starts to feel like a joke – doesn’t it. Almost like the boy who cried wolf, people start to doubt the changes you say you are making. And it seems like a small thing, but I want some consistency all the way through to the small things.

So growth – I don’t know what it will look like. But I hope I gain something from it.

One message that seemed to cut through as I got to the new year was to forget the things of the past and look ahead for something new. Sure, we all have experiences that might have broken us or shifted our focus but you know that’s where perspective comes in. How far do we let that interrupt the rest of our path? Where do we draw the line – and stop rotating around the same mountain?

So perspective – right-thinking, great vision. Something to spur me on when it gets tough.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Everyone. And I hope you will grow along with me. And gain great perspective on what this year could be.

Hey – if you made it this far and don’t mind, what are you looking forward to the most this year.

10 thoughts on “2022 with some buzz…

  1. I post my New Year post tomorrow so check it out and find out what I’m thinking🤔 Enjoyed your thoughts and I’m thinking we could all stand a little self-improvement. Thanks for the reminder. Have a great New Year

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