Making the time.

During one of my commutes back home this week, I thought of lost skills. Things you pick up and then let die because you never make the time to practise them. For me, it was my French lessons. There were plans in place to make sure I didn’t lose whatever it was but what use are plans when they are not fulfilled in good time.

I had set my reading plan last year.

Probably a little too ambitious (120 books) – it’s probably no wonder I didn’t come close to hitting it. Though I went past the halfway mark. So ‘Yay me!’

But outside writing, reading is the next thing that brings me the most joy. (Total side note: I’m in the market for a great Fantasy novel, if you have any suggestions feel free to drop some in the comments). And I realised that I have barely done any reading. I know it’s the first week and all that but usually plans start off with all the steam. The only book I’ve read so far is ‘The Cost of Knowing’ by Brittney Morris. I have thoughts on that one, especially how the boy dealt with his grief and his knowledge of his brother’s pending death. Maybe I wasn’t convinced. Maybe in life, I’m also just a little too emotional.

In my assessment of the first week, I also found that somehow the time ran away from me. I wasn’t writing casually (and this I have decided in the last few years is exceedingly important to me) and I hadn’t played video games either. You can probably tell I’m such a simple person – a book or a game and I’m set.

I want to be more than a boring monotonous routine. But…I’m here to share my reading plan.

All pictures taken from Unsplash.

The plan is to log in at least 2 books a week. I understand the rule of thumb is that you should read twice as much as you write. And I understand that I’m a picky reader. If a book is just not hitting it, I’ll let it go. And I absolutely do not count books I didn’t finish. The plan for this is not to suck out all the joy in causal reading but to remind myself that there is more to me than chasing the gold and I must make time for that which matters to me.

I’m also thinking of picking up another hobby too. There’s so much to do in this world and I don’t want to box myself in with few experiences.

I would love to hear about your hobbies if you have made it this far and if there is a plan or you will see how it simply plays out.

10 thoughts on “Making the time.

  1. I admire your zeal for taking on new stuff and keeping up with your already goal of so many books.
    Learn all you can when you are young so you can go into your aging years with knowledge and wisdom gleamed from others. Languages was not for me either. I learned a little Spanish when we ministered in Bolivia and a little Pigeon while living in Papua New Guinea, enough to get around and buy and ask for a bathroom. I have tried other things but laid more aside than I stuck to. I am not a crafty person, too detailed. I love people, love to talk to them, listen to their stories, help them in any way I can, people are my hobby and Jesus is my motivator. I read now to learn more to help others. You my dear are a blessing to read.

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    1. πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Yeah the books are many. And I think I didn’t account for curveballs that may make it hard to get to the goal. But it’s good to know there is something I am working towards.
      Yes, as much as I can for as long as I have the time. There are mixed feelings here – a little excitement and some dread. But I do want to do more.


  2. I love that you wrote about this because I was just thinking of making a reading plan today. I intend to read more books this year and I’m almost done with my first one so that’s good! I’m still trying to pick up a new hobby this year. I’m not fully decided on what yet. I also hope to get back into music today.
    All the best with your reading! If I used to read Fantasy novels, I would have definitely given you a suggestion.

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    1. Yay!! On almost knocking off your first book. Is it good? Which genre are you reading?
      I was chatting with a friend and I thought maybe pottery or gardening would be nice πŸ˜…πŸ˜… but I’ll see. I hope you get back into music too. If you hadn’t already – here is your reminder.
      All the best with your reading too.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

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      1. Fiction. A Poetry book. “Love Her Wild” to be specific. Yes it is good! I was recently introduced to actually reading poetry and I’m enjoying it so far.

        Pottery would be fun but I can’t think of anywhere to learn pottery around here. Thanks for the much needed reminder. πŸ˜‚


  3. Last year, I had begun to learn French too but along the way I stopped. I want to restart again this year. I want to make it a hobby learning different languages and challenge myself to see how many I can master this year.

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    1. I would also like to learn as many languages as I can. My mum picks up languages easily but for some reason that did not pass onπŸ˜‚. Sure… Let’s see how much French we can learn! Good luck with your pursuits. Thank you for reading and commenting :).

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    1. I also tried Duolingo. I don’t know why it didn’t quite pick for me. I also thought maybe I could read French books to keep the interaction and keep learning. But now I want to get back to it seriously. 5 – 10 minutes a day sounds like good time to me. Thank you for passing by😊

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