Easing back into some ‘sort of normal’

The promise of January was a lifting of all the lockdown restrictions and I probably looked so much to it, I forgot to think of what that might feel like.

Like how I get a little antsy when people get so close without their masks… It’s hard to believe that less than three years ago that was what my whole life had looked like.

Or how I’m always rushing back home – so conditioned to the curfew, it takes me a beat to remember ‘hey, we are getting back to normal and you can always go later’. Now that the bodas stretch out their time a bit.

Or how strange it is to come home to a quiet house because my brother, the chief noise maker, is back at school. I’m not complaining about this at all. It was about time Uganda opened its schools. But it’s odd. The quiet, the space, that feeling that something is missing.

Today was another strange event. I visited my elder brother for about the first time in two years. Forget those mutual gatherings over the years that we had in wide spaces and didn’t get as much talking or simply hanging out.

So, much as this is all welcome, all we hoped it would be, there is a little transitioning still needed. And it got me thinking isn’t that how it is with most things. You hope for something, you get it and yet you still need a mind change to fully get into it.

I think that’s where I find myself. Navigating the things that were familiar but have been out of practice for a while. Testing the waters before I go in for the dive.

And I know that so many people have probably been out of the lockdown, but what was the oddest thing out of it – of course if you don’t mind sharing. Let me know in the comments.

Things that are looking different now.

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