Still on that search for good fantasy

I’m here to report some progress on my fantasy reading/watching/search. If you read this post from a few weeks ago, you might know about that.

I’ll blame that on Flamefall by Rosaria Munda. Need something like that. To take me out of Uganda with its fuel crisis and strange weather for January for just a few hours.

I’m probably blowing up this need for fantasy. But I’ve felt it deeply like I sometimes crave for samosas during the week. Like I may actually fall sick if I don’t get it. And I knew that maybe this is a problem when my Pinterest search history showed only fantasy searches.

Just a look at that

So I figured maybe, I can do a show as well or something else then get back and lose myself in the search.

That’s how I come across Wheel of Time. And then ending up taking an interest in how Robert Jordan came up with that world.

Reading about that journey (on Wikipedia – so grateful for that) made me wonder about people and their gifts. Usually, I think on this about singers – you hear a great voice and think of what a loss it would be to the world if they didn’t share that gift.

That, and also if they always knew that this was where their life story was headed. That within them was such greatness. If they ever had that certainty that this was the path for them and they would accept no other or they had other dreams that they put to the side when they settled for one.

That’s besides the point today (but a thought I do hope to revisit and hopefully exhaust because this week I’ve had time and I’m just impressed with origin stories, so I looked up a number of people – like Lin-Manuel Miranda. Can we talk about how great ‘Surface Pressure’ is!!!!!)

I am reading a book, almost done – The Memory Thief by Lauren Mansy. It is hinged on a concept I hadn’t come across yet so the reading is going great. It’s a small book though, a standalone title too, and I feel like soon I’ll be back on my great search.

Maybe I should have it as a show – like Tusker Project Fame or East Africa’s Got Talent – for the number of titles I search through. Ask each if they’ve got what it takes😏.

I hope you week is off to a great start and you are knocking off the things you said you would do.

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