We were strangers

I came across the poem below from 2019 (unbelievable as it may sound that’s all of three years ago). So some context – outside a shared institution, I realised a shift in some friendships. And I started to think about what a friend is, how far you draw in friends, what you say and what you leave out.

So all up in my feelings, I wrote this out.

I lie to myself whenever I say I know you.

Mysterious, secretive, stranger you!

I can count on my one hand the facts I have gathered

About your most treasured thoughts

Your fears and desires, your innermost thoughts.

You’ve denied me a glimpse!

We were never close

we were strangers.

It must sting us both,

To have dined and laughed,

all the while knowing we are strangers.

It is perplexing,

that we’ve woken up to our strangeness

every day, we were strangers, and did nothing to make acquaintance.

How do you befriend someone you’ve known and assumed all your life?

I have lied before!

That is why I know it’s only a matter of time

and the truth will come bursting out

gasping for air, to save us from ourselves and illusions.

We were strangers…all this time.

Maybe now we can strive for contact

Tell me how I get to the deepest parts of you

Allow me closure due a friend.