In the face of doubt

I hope your February was merry. And love filled 😏. And that your March has started off well. Its Women’s month so I hope you are on the look out for injustices against women (which are many) and righting those wrongs. I intend to show up this March, add my voice to some of the things that we shouldn’t allow to pass. Maybe I’ll be wondering if writing about it helps, but I hope at least one person reading will end up doing things differently.

So Feb happened – I read only one novel πŸ˜’ I’ll blame that on work, made some headway in the video games I’m playing 🀭 grateful for walkthroughs, did a lot of not writing for myself which got me thinking…a place I find myself in every year…about writing.

Some days writing feels like the most toxic relationship I have. Sure about it today and bragging about it. Questioning it tomorrow and where we are headed. Hating it a few weeks later. Quitting within months then begging it to take me back after I miss it so bad.

Look at how much it has taught me by being so unpredictable.

Anyway, I’m searching for a new hobby. Because when in doubt, try everything right? Something to take my mind off it. How do you replace a passion? What new hobbies are out there? How do I find them?

I think so far there’s a look of seeking and searching this year. Maybe growth looks like this.

OK… Let’s call out some injustices and applaud women all month.

Happy March.

5 thoughts on “In the face of doubt

  1. I have missed you in my absents. Had some rough spells with my health. Hopefully had the last procedure done this past week and healing up from that. I tried to keep up on blogging weekly but of course did not but not feeling any guilt. As for reading, it seem to be harder to do than anything lately. Maybe cause I have not felt well I just wanted to be entertained so I have watched much too much tv. On the positive I have learned a lot about many things that really don’t matter but were interesting. I am working on flowing with what comes my way and staying off the guilty road over anything since it usually dries up my creativity. And I took up a new hobby…making a throw quilt. A lot of women up in northern Minnesota quilt and love to teach others. So, I stepped out in faith, bought the material and ask for help. These ladies meet twice a month. I love being a part of the group but then I love people. I think that has helped me more than anything I have done for a while. I just don’t like people, I need people to help me grow, and feel valued. So, I am halfway done with my throw quilt which will lay across my bed. Someone ask me if I was enjoying it, I must admit I don’t really like to do crafts, not enough patience, but again, if others are involved I am for it. I have thought about painting or drawing. Glad to see you are back to blogging and what a lovely post this was. I’ll be back to see what you have taken up. Blessings

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  2. Ohhh I’ve been quite consistent with reading in Feb. March started off well🧑🧑
    I’m glad you are back now. Writing is a love and hate relationship. It gets tiring at times and feel like giving up yet You become miserable with out itπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    What a wooowwπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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    1. Nice!! about your reading in Feb. Any recommendations?
      Yeah, it’s one of those extremely dramatic relationships. And I hope to pick up on the consistency. Thank you for passing by, Lebo. Totally appreciate it.

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  3. My newest hobby is drawing and I love it! There are tons of tutorials on Instagram and TikTok. I use the PicArt Color app and draw on my iPad so I don’t have to worry about purchasing drawing supplies. It’s pretty neat and so relaxing. Let us know what hobby you choose!

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    1. Drawing sounds so much fun. And I like your approach to it. I’m here considering knitting. But I’ll see what I settle on. Something just for the fun of it. I will certainly keep you in the loop on this search.

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