Is Creativity Dead?

I come to this thought after seeing so many reboots and remakes and retellings and all those 're-'s out there. Of all them, the one that led me down this path of thinking was the possible Harry Potter reboot (which I might probably watch if it happens - any excuse to return to Hogwarts.) But … Continue reading Is Creativity Dead?

The changing scenes of life

The theme for this year was/is growth and perspective (did I mention). And I think I'm seeing that in some places. But life certainly always gets in the way of the best laid plans. Which ties in to something I'm learning the most - you can't control what you can't control and that's okay. So … Continue reading The changing scenes of life

After you’ve thought hard about money, you…?

I want to be real inspirational about this. But let's be honest, I'm still figuring out my money habits. And you've heard it all - save, invest, read, budget, flee from debt, have an emergency fund, network better, increase your streams of income. Repeat!! So, I'll share some memes from Google. If you laugh or … Continue reading After you’ve thought hard about money, you…?

Been reading more thrillers… So I’m sharing some recs…

Of all the changes this year has brought, this one seems to be the most thrilling. I wanted some to launch into something different. I knew it was time when every YA and Contemporary story became predictable. The twists were not twisty enough, the characters seemed no different from book to book and the book … Continue reading Been reading more thrillers… So I’m sharing some recs…