About The Afterthought

Afterthought: noun. Something done or said after other things because it was not thought of earlier.

This does not make it any less important!!!

I do my best thinking as an afterthought. This probably happens to those of us who have little preference for the spoken word and find that our communication flows better written down. Or for those of us who have ever had a discussion, conversation or argument only to have our best points come to us long after the fact. Or for those of us who enjoy to think and think and think about everything and nothing.

My little brother’s imagining of after-thought.. He had a better one but I liked this childish one. Very me. As I chase some thoughts!!

So am exploring some of my afterthoughts here where I get the last word in. This started as a way to do more writing as suggested by a writing course I was taking. In doing so I have found I have thoughts about almost everything; food (of course I had to start with that) and politics, life-lessons and sports, books and entertainment, Bible study and Christianity! And as many more as will crop up during this journey.

It is my joy to have you join me as I sort out the many perspectives. The aim is to be able to post a new blog post at least once a week. Feel free to subscribe or follow, comment and weigh in on whatever strikes your heart or suggest something you would like to read about.


So take a seat, relax and enjoy your reading.