Is Creativity Dead?

I come to this thought after seeing so many reboots and remakes and retellings and all those 're-'s out there. Of all them, the one that led me down this path of thinking was the possible Harry Potter reboot (which I might probably watch if it happens - any excuse to return to Hogwarts.) But … Continue reading Is Creativity Dead?

The changing scenes of life

The theme for this year was/is growth and perspective (did I mention). And I think I'm seeing that in some places. But life certainly always gets in the way of the best laid plans. Which ties in to something I'm learning the most - you can't control what you can't control and that's okay. So … Continue reading The changing scenes of life

After you’ve thought hard about money, you…?

I want to be real inspirational about this. But let's be honest, I'm still figuring out my money habits. And you've heard it all - save, invest, read, budget, flee from debt, have an emergency fund, network better, increase your streams of income. Repeat!! So, I'll share some memes from Google. If you laugh or … Continue reading After you’ve thought hard about money, you…?