Music and the Writer

Bet you can already imagine how I’ll milk a writing series from this – part 1-10; then follow up with ‘Movies and the Writer’ and ‘Series and the Writer’, ‘Games and the Writer’ till I successfully finish all possible visual and auditory entertainment channels. It would make for good content too.

But for today, it’s a single post! At least I think it is.

I was finally able to crack how to link my music cache to this new machine I’ve been using. ‘What’s so different about your new machine, Afterthought?’ Absolutely nothing, except for the fact that it does not run like my old one and I’m not exactly tech-savvy (getting there) to figure it all out at once.

Anyway, I finally got my access to my music and it’s a lot of music. I think it’s a lot of music (not nearly enough, but not too little). And I couldn’t believe I had been getting any work done in the silence (as silent as it can get for someone who doesn’t enjoy working in silence – and when I say that I don’t mean conversation – don’t really talk to me as I write).

So the title is mostly misleading.

Because writers are as diverse as there are languages on this planet…or really… people. And we know they we are all different so some writers will crave the silence. They work best when a pin-drop is a siren (but as someone who from time to time drops pins, those things can be loud). Where there space is extremely sacred a breath out of place is a violation. Too silent that any noise creates turmoil in the writing process and they break out of their headspace.

Not me!

I need the music loud, real loud. Like when you feel the beats in every nerve and the vibrations are enough to move the objects around you. And usually I’m concerned about the people in the house or near me, so when they get close I’ll get my headphones out but my preferred choice is out loud and possibly heard two blocks away. (Yes, I would probably qualify as a public nuisance if my music wasn’t good. It’s the kind of music I believe everyone should listen to). The neighbourhood is probably discussing ways of throwing me out. In fact in the middle of one of my music hazes – music loud and me singing along as loud as I can, I thought someone would break into the house and I wouldn’t even know it. It was a sobering thought. I checked all the locks and reduced the music to a civilised volume.

The gist of this – I like listening to music as I type. I pretty much like listening to music whenever but especially as I type.

There is sometimes a scene I will craft and it will be dictated by the music I’m listening to; the pacing, the dialogue, even the setting. Some music will prompt some mystery, some will require death and retribution and it’s almost like having my own private movie with an OST to go along. Music I listen to and the whole story is done. Do you ever have such romances with the music you listen to? Songs or tracks that go on repeat till a certain number of pages are complete. Scenes you read and they play out to the music you were listening to, you almost want to write a side-note on that like ‘read this listening to ‘Roundtable Rival by Lindsey Sterling'” Because you feel so sure it will heighten their reading experience like it sprinkled fairy dust on your writing. Music!

Or music that makes you want to branch out to being a song-writer. Do you ever think that? It’s writing too, right? Like you listen to some songs and you just want to get into the song-writer’s head and figure things out. Some lines just leave you mind-blown and you think to yourself, if only I had come up with that line first! I had that song-writing phase too. Back in primary and the first years of secondary where it was quite a thrill to have a song book. Mixed it up with real songs – like recorded songs and wrote away my own silliness. I know one of them was titled R-E-L-E-A-S-E. Are you curious about what it was about?!

You probably want to know. Or don’t.

Q – What music am I listening to as I write this out? A- (not that you asked) All the Earth by The Belonging Co.

I figured I would close this with music that really adds a spring to my writing. Here is the music I am most likely listening to as I write.

  1. Gladiator OST – Hanz Zimmer
  2. Brave Enough – Lindsey Sterling
  3. Shatter Me – Lindsey Sterling
  4. Tarzan OST – Disney & Phil Collins

What’s your go-to music? Or what song has been on repeat in your mind or device? If you could list that along with the full album in the comments, I would greatly appreciate it.

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