Blogiversary: Double the drama!!

What other catchphrases do you know work well for the number ‘2’!!

Because the blog has made two years🥳🥳🥳🥳.

The years go by so fast, don’t they!!

This happened over the weekend and somehow I forgot to write about it. A part of me thought I should let it go. Then I remembered that I’m celebrating small wins too (if this can be called small).

Also, this is a great place to read about what the past year has been like and lay down a plan going forward. If you want to know about the first year – it was a good foundation.

Over the past year, there was a bit of me that wondered what the point was to the entire thing. And I got my answer. Very unexpected but also very moving to hear (I might share that story with time).

And they were some conscious strides made along the way.

From last year, the idea was to bump up the posts to two per week. (and no😂, I’m not bumping that number to more than that). Some weeks…some months… I have excelled at that. Then others… I have no idea what happens. But I have enjoyed writing about writing. Things I’m learning as I make my way there or things I think about when I think writing. Altogether posts I’m proud of. Kept the Sunday Post too – my own strange rumblings that have struck a chord with some of the readers. Yay on that front.

I also participated in a challenge – the Afrobloggers Winter Challenge – and showed up with a post for its entire duration. That pushed me out of my comfort zone and worked my commitment and endurance muscles. That was exciting and I think in the mix of that, I became a little more sure with my blog. Did my best to stop looking to the left or right and comparing my achievements. Big whoop whoop on that too.

Now going forward;

  1. Get more consistency with the two weekly blogs.
  2. Have guest posts here – maybe dedicate August to that. Call it the August Guest 😉 and see where it goes.
  3. Maybe do more serious book reviews. Maybe. Maybe!
  4. Have a calendar and timetable and stick to it. Hopefully.
  5. Write more freely😂😂😂

Thank you for reading the posts this past year. I hope you’ll stick around for more.

10 thoughts on “Blogiversary: Double the drama!!

  1. There is a lot of freedom in free lancing blogging. 1. No body telling us what to write on. 2. No deadlines. Until I read your post I was struggling a little because I have not posted for this week yet and probably won’t. I have written my post several times in my head, topic come often but I get a little lazy with my blog when my world gets busy. My hats off to you for setting goals and guidelines out there for you to keep. I have been blogging since 2006, we were living in Papua New Guinea and I was looking for ways to express all the things God was teaching me. In fact I think I will repost my first few things I wrote, today maybe,. It might be fun to return to long ago. Only once have I thought about quitting. I commented on anothers post and she was offended by it and read me the the riot act, accused me of being small minded, etc. To top that off one of her readers also commented on my comment, she read me more of , “you should not be blogging” comment. It so discouraged me for about three days. I use the three day method when making a decision. Wait three days before …. what ever. I apologized or offended, it was not my intent for sure. But I would not change my comment for I believed what I wrote. Then said, good by, will not bother you again, ever. and I have not went back , I went on. I waited three more days and wrote about it, without any reference to whose blog it was.

    Be encouraged, you have a voice out it the blog world. It matters not how many likes and comments you get. You are putting yourself out there to be used which can be misunderstood which usually brings emotional pain. but life is full of pain in so many ways. Be brave, be curious, be willing to fail, be truthful, be creative, be YOU. I have enjoyed what you have written.

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    1. I like your three day method. I think I could also start that. I haven’t had any experience like yours which I’m really grateful for because I know the internet can be a hard place to navigate. Especially with the cover of anonymity. But I like that you have kept up with it. I’m so grateful that you are part of the community I have here. You make this so safe for me, Betty, and so meaningful. Thank you for your encouragements. I don’t know if you give them a lot of thought but they are a comfort and treasure to me. You have great insights and I like the wisdom and stories you share in the comments. It means a lot to me. More than I could express! That you keep returning to read this.
      I also like the freedom of the freelance blogs. I also really really like reading comments. Seeing how people respond or relate to a topic. It helps me feel less alone. Like somebody gets it.
      😅 I struggle with the posts too. Some days, if it’s late in the day and I haven’t posted, I just let it go. It is nice to be more conscious about what I’m putting out so I don’t want to post just for the sake of posting.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting :).


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