Starting Over

I have been round and round the mountain.

I’ve exhausted myself with my pursuits.

I chased the light and found a mirage

There’s no water in these steep ranges.

No respite. No hope. No Hope!

I’ve been round and round and round.

And some days when I’m not roaming,

I wonder if I missed my exit.

If I missed my chance and won’t make it.

It weighs on me. Heavily, thickly, uncomfortably.

I want to know it’s okay to start over…

That age won’t get in the way, that the number of times I’ve failed will not make a cameo

That I won’t trip myself up, that I won’t lose sight of the goal.

That I won’t be round this mountain anymore.

Is this a good time to start over?

Hello there, reader. This poem is probably my frame of mind right now. Rather than document how hard or trying these past few months have been, I want to be able to look back and know I was pressing on regardless. I hope your are well and doing just fine. Let me know in the comments if you don’t mind.

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